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Savant Home Automation for the Sophisticated User

How Home Builders Can Use Savant Automation Technology to Sell More Homes

As a home builder in Boston and greater New England, you’re creating the walls that a family will live, laugh, and love in for many years. Often times though, that family will be diverse in their needs and wants, as will the next family that lives in that home. Savant home automation system can help everyone in the family live their lives more happily and safely and is one of our most elegant, yet user-friendly, products that we represent. Learn more about our smart home automation features below:

  • Mom can use Savant Metropolitan home lighting control to set “scenes” for different situations. If she's in the bath after a long day, programmers can create a “Spa” scene for her. If she’s hosting an elegant dinner party, she can create a romantic and intimate “Dinner Party” scene all by herself.
  • Dad can make sure his family is safe from harm from intruders with state-of-the-art security and surveillance systems. In addition, lighting systems can automatically be set to turn on and off throughout the day to make it seem like the family is home even if they're on vacation.
  • When Grandma visits, she’ll easily be able to control the thermostat to her liking in her private guest room, as the elderly often prefer much warmer temperatures.
  • When the kids want to watch a movie during a slumber party or have a karaoke competition with the stereo system, they can seamlessly enjoy the systems while keeping the party going. Troubleshooting and switching cords will be a thing of the past with their new Savant system

Whether you’re a builder that builds one ornate and custom home a year, or a builder that constructs 100 homes a year, we have a place for you at System Design & Integration. Savant packages start below $1,000, yet you as the builder won’t have to do any of the work- we will program and install your Savant control systems within your designed home.

Savant is a luxury control system in home automation that will dramatically increase the perceived and real value with current clients and prospective buyers. Not only will the potential homeowner be thrilled that their home is a coveted smart home, but you will also have an opportunity to upsell them with dedicated media rooms, whole home audio adding extra security cameras, and many other options. Whether it’s a small apartment or a castle, Savant can control anything while making it fun for the resident to use.

Below is more information on Savant and the options they have to home builders throughout Boston.

Smart Host Options

  • Cameras capable of monitoring 8 rooms
  • Up to 128 home security sensors
  • Video capability in 8 rooms
  • Customized music streaming in 12 rooms
  • Lighting control of up to 250 lights/switches
  • Heating and air conditioning control for up to 6 thermostats
  • Window shade automation for up to 32 shades

Pro Host Features Include

  • Entire home camera monitoring
  • Security sensors in every room
  • Video watching in up to 36 rooms
  • Music streaming in as many as 144 rooms
  • Lighting control for 250 lights/switches
  • Window shade automation throughout your entire home